Il TIR DELLA SPERANZA is a project powered by AIUTIAMOLI A VIVERE a NON-Governmental foundation, which collects and delivers humanitarian aid to the internees, orphanages, family homes, hospitals and needy familie in Belarus.
The materials are collected in Italy, delivered and unloaded through a truck thanks to work of volunteers, who are physically committed to the project. In each short visit to the Institute, it is made an evaluation of the structure condition, a careful monitoring of the children hosted, their needs, any physical and/or psychic problems. Also important is the support of medical clown made by V.I.P. FriulClaun Onlus, which give a moment of thoughtlessness to all.
On 2010, the visited structures have been: Brest, Volkavisck, Poriece, Grodno, Vasilishki, Ivie, Molodechno, Opsa, Vetrino, Polotsk Sennò, Orsha, Dribin, Gorodets, Zlobj, Glusk, Slutsk, Gantsevici, Nesvizh, Baranovici.

For more information or a donation: www.aiutiamoliavivere.it


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