To create this campaign for Foolish, I was inspired by the theme of superheroes.
In a city under the attack of coronavirus, Foolish is the solution to save the business and therefore the city.
I was borrowing the figure of batman, strong in the collective image to highlight the company logo in the sky and visible to all citizens or in this case to users and the web.
I decided to use a dark mode interface to increase the sense of night, when the city is more dangerous, and also because many platforms and apps are heading in this direction.
Instagram itself has made this transition and, therefore, users would find themselves in a familiar world.

Role: User Experience Strategist and Visual designer

Duration: August 2020 (1 week)

Tools: Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”

Steve Jobs


For the realization, I was inspired by superheroes, as specified in the brief (Using “The Hero” as a brand archetype).
I took as a reference the avenger saga film and then the 2014 TV series The Flash, based on a comic by “comics”, which gives the name to the superhero.
I chose to use the superhero flash because it is fast, fast as Foolish to help its customers

Logo design

Design library



Working on this project has given me the opportunity to use my creativity completely and think of effective language to convey the brand identity of the company.
Using the dark mode to emphasize the night and the moment when the superheroes come into action, allowed me to emphasize the message even more.


The colours of the company and the dark mode are very much linked to the brand identity and this limits the use of the product. Time limits have not allowed me to develop a mobile version of the landing page. In the future, I would like to be able to create a mascot that can help create more empathy with users