Project Brief

PidGraph is a state of art object recognition tool that efficiently digitises technical P&ID documents. The typical users are process engineers, project managers who specialize in drawing and consuming P&ID documents.

The Problem

The application has low engagement within its demographic users. It also has dated UI coupled with inefficient flows making the application tasking to use.


UX Designer


Nidhi Ashok Prasad – Lead UX Manager
Michael Gibran – UX Designer

The Process

Discover –> Define –> Design –> Measure

Business Challenge

Current App

  • Inaccessible UI design
  • No audit trail to track the lifecycle of the product
  • Missing functionalities e.g file status, completion status
  • Unclear icons and functionalities e.g. save to file, rules and tasks
  • No support for frequent tasks e.g. adding recent/ most used symbols from library
  • Maximum time spent drawing edges and filling properties

User flow Analysis

A proposed user flow supporting parallel workflows e.g. contextual search, alternate library view to aid frequent user actions


Typical users of PIDGraph have below main roles

  • Draftsman
  • Lead Draftsman
  • Project Manager


  • Perform walk-down of piping and equipment assets.
  • Conduct data collection/validation in industry processing facility
  • Identify various types of piping, valves, equipment, and insulation
  • Read and markup various drawings including:
    • Piping & Instrumentation Drawing (P&ID)
    • Isometric Drawing (ISO)
    • Equipment Drawings & Area Maps
  • Create field sketches based on data collection.
  • Use basic Windows operations including file management and Microsoft Office to carry out responsibilities
  • Upload work to the Drawing Integrity Management System

User Research Findings​

  • All users want better UI for PIDGraph
  • Missing role based login to track project, documents and daily workload
  • Manual overload to find audit trail/ version history of documents
  • Unclear icons and functionalities e.g. save to file, save to gallery, rules and tasks
  • High pragmatic value but low engagement value

Redesign process

Scaling up a compliant design system

UI Elements and Style

PIDgraph color

High Fidelity Wireframes